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    Family Law

    Jennifer Lavin May 2, 2017 Chicago-Kent College of Law Presentation on Achieving Work/Life Balance

    By Dawn Young, Chicago-Kent College of Law Director of Institutional Projects When running your own practice, you may feel as though the business has become your life. Practicing law can be stressful, and it is especially so when you may be handling all the other aspects of running the firm. You may find it challenging to “check out” of your law practice to “check in” to friends and family. You may feel like it’s difficult to take a break (even on weekends) when you are the only one running your practice. But, bala... Read more

    Governor Rauner Signs House Bill 3982 into Law

    On August 12, 2016 Governor Rauner signed House Bill 3982 into law, which will introduce the income shares model of child support in Illinois effective July 1, 2017. This legislation is the first comprehensive change to Illinois child support in over thirty years.  The full text of the legislation may be found here:   Contact Jennifer L. Lavin, P.C. at (312) 919-8857 for a complimentary consultation to learn how the income shares model of child support may impact you. ... Read more

    Proposed Changes to Illinois Child Support in 2017

    If signed into law by Governor Rauner, House Bill 3982 would introduce comprehensive changes to Illinois child support laws for the first time in over thirty years that would become effective as of July 1, 2017. The pending bill proposes that Illinois child support be based upon the “income shares model,” which would consider both parents’ income and the proportion of parental income that the child would have received if his or her parents lived together in the determination of child support.  Currently, Illinois child support is based u... Read more

    Divorce and Family Law Blog

    Stay tuned for news on divorce and family law. ... Read more